An Obsessed Culture

It’s truly saddening how obsessed our society is with the diet culture, weight loss, and thinness!

You can barely have a meal without remarks like- “I’m gonna have to run this off later”, “shame on me”, and “there’s no telling how many calories are in this!” Our culture how an unhealthy obsession. It is almost as if we are encouraging eating disorders. 

This holiday season it is important that we are actually practicing what we preach and not forget what these holidays actually mean! 

Small remarks as those stated above can be extremely triggering to those with eating disorders.

 “Oh my gosh! The calories there.” Think about how this would effect someone with an eating disorder! A family member said this today with no idea how this would effect me- someone with an eating disorder. Our minds are constantly processing, “How many calories did I just eat? What’s my next meal? I’m definitely gonna gain weight after eating that!” Having a culture that is diet, weight, and thinness obsessed magnifies all these thoughts constantly going through a persons head who has an eating disorder. 

People struggling with that voice in their head telling them that they are worth how much they eat and their weight and so many other lies are truly trying to enjoy this season of joy and celebration while the culture subconsciously makes it all about food and our bodies. 

One of my older brothers is a body builder. Countless times someone has walked by and said things such as “I’m gonna have to run this ice cream off” or “no telling how many calories are in this, etc.” Sometimes it goes as far as, “well, he’s eating that… so it must be okay/ healthy.” Society says, “it’s okay to eat whatever he’s eating,” or “he’s eating that so it must be good.”

 The truth is no food is good or bad. The sole purpose of food is to nourish our bodies. All food is “okay” in moderation. 

Food was not meant to be used as a defining factor of a person. Famous people like singers/songwriters, athletes, and tv stars all eat desserts and no one ever said they were good or bad for eating ‘x’ so why would that be true for us?! Shame is the root in that. Shame is, “I  am bad.” Shame is so prominate in the food/diet culture. We are shamed for eating this and that; we are told we should feel guilty for eating certain foods or a large amount of food.

This needs to change. Food is nourishment for our bodies. Food is neither good nor bad. No one person is good or bad for eating ‘x’ or a certain amount of food. We are not defined by the number in the scale. 

Please be aware of what you say this holiday season and do your best not to make remarks about calories, “good or bad” foods or things such as “I’m gonna have to run this off later!”

It truly effects how others think about themselves. 

So, this holiday season, let’s be aware of what we say and love each other with our words and actions.

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