God is “Your Dwelling Place” Journal Entry from 11/22/17

The God who created all of this invites YOU to dwell in His presence.

The God who created ALL of this invites YOU to dwell in HIs presence.

“Do you really dwell in His presence?” When asked this you cant help but think, “no, I really don’t,” and “why?”

To dwell is to “reside, and keep the attention directed”. God personanlly invites everyone of us to DWELL in His Holy presence! To me, that is absolutley wonderful news. My God invites ME to be with Him constantly and never leave His side. He invites all of YOU too!

One question you may ask yourself is: whats the point of dwelling with God? I personally found that dwelling with God transformed my thoughts, attitude, and perspective. Overall, when I dwell in His presence, I am much more positive and focused on the Lord. That is the point of dwelling with God. He has the power the transform and change anyone!

Psalm 91:1

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. “

He will protect me if I dwell in Him. He will protect YOU if you dwell in Him.

“Scripture is referring to the believer who has chosen to continually live under the protection of the Most High God. The Creator of every living thing, the One who holds all things together, who is always present, who is faithful, just, and gracious- this God is the One who invites you (me) to find shelter and refuge in His presence.”

Psalm 32:7

“You are my hiding place you will protect me from trouble
    and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

“She was able to be brave becasue her protector was Almighty God. He was her hiding place.”

Circumstances that have made me want to run and hide?


-Major Depressive Disorder

-an Eating Disorder

-Scary family events

Consider some circumstances that have made you want to run and hide. Where do you most often run to for protection?

My reality is God gives peace. He always protects and perservers.

A shadow can be two things. Scary and dark OR comforting and a thing that protects you from heat.

Psalm 91:1 wants us to see shadows as comforting things that protects us from heat. God provides everyone of us a shadow to hide in when we get scared. However, its up to us whether or not we run to God’s shadow or something worldly. “We can find rest in His shadow.” The book Dwell uses the analogy of a hot summer day and the shade a big tree provides. When its so hot you can barely stand it, you would wish for any little slither of shade. When you finally find some you run towards it with all you have. We can relate this to when we are in distress and are desperate for any ounce of rest we can find. God provides us with total rest. He calls us to run with all the energy we have left towards Him. He promises to provide us full rest.

A time when dwelling in His presence has brought me rest is when I was in the hospital. I was in need of hope and joy and life. I was alive, butnnot quite living. When I read my bible and bible journaled I was able to find a bit of energy and rest to get me through each day. His word(s) and promises kept me going. When is a time you found rest and comfort in His presence? Email me or comment down below.

“We must choose to live (dwell, abide) under His protection. That means run to Him instead of trying to fight battles on our own…And then we trust our lives into His powerful and gracious hands.”

No one- and I mean NO ONE, likes to hear the phrase, “you have a choice.” But it is so, so true. We all have a choice whether or not we chose this or that. Going to the party or doing your homework, being a bystander or standing up for your peer whos getting bullied, running towards God or fighting your battles on your own (which in the end will leave you empty and powerless). We all have a choice. God gave us free will for a reason. It is reality that not everyone will go to heaven, and we have the ability to chose- God or the things of this world.

“Each day we choose whether we will submitour hearts to Christ or let the distractions of this world draw our attention and affection elsewhere… What our soul longs for is to constantly, not occasionally, dwell with God.”

Do you believe His promise are true for you? Do you dwell in the truth of Who you are and Whose you are? Do you live fully trusting Him.

-I struggle with beliveing His promises are all true for me. Satan, the deciever, has put in my head that, “I did something so bad to not deserve what His truths offer.” I have the CHOISE whether or not I fight back and tell Satan who I really belong to and what Jesus did on the cross for EVERYONE or if I let Satan seep in and infest in my heart telling me lie after lie.

-I often find myself dwelling in the lies but each time I chose to read my bible, pray, worship God, etc I am saying to Satan,”Back off! You don’t own me!”

-“Trust is a delicate thing. Sometimes it’s hard to trust because we’ve been let down. Other times it’s hard because we like being in control and are uncomfortable trusting the outcome of our situation to soemone else… the Lord is completely trustworthy. He is perfect in every way. To trust Him is to rest in HIs shadow and believe He is working things out for good and His glory. If we say we trust God, we must be willing to follow where He leads. When we allow ourselves to follow Him beyond our comfort zone, our dependence on the Lord deepens. Sure, you could live a safe comfortable life but what adaventures and wonders would you be missing.” 

I personally have a control problem. With my OCD comes the intence desire to be in control of everything and anything I can be. My mind obsesses over whether or not I’m in control. God is aware of this, and He tells me that through His strength and power I can surrender this control problem to Him. One of my favorite sayings is, “God is control.” God not only is in control, He is control. I have to chose daily whether I surrender it to Him or try frantically to control what little I actually can.

What are some things I have done that are out of my comfort zone?

– believe it or not, creating a blog

-raising my hand in church and praising how God wants me to

In Summary…

He is the only real control.

Resting in the shadow of the Almighty means to surrender fully.

His promises are true at all times, for all people, in any circumstance.

My Prayer for You…


I pray for each and every person reading this that they can fully surrender every battle they are facing to you, live life trusting in You, and dwell in the shadow of the Almighty, YOU!

I pray that we can all see that you are control. You are in control of every battle we face and every strom in our life. Your word promises that no evil will strike against us if we dwell in Your presense. Please let us hear You calling out to us to run towards You.



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