Collateral Beauty: The Beauty Within

Collateral Beauty. The healing in the suffering. The light in the dark. The life after death.

This movie, Collateral Beauty, made me realize some things…

1. It gives me hope that there is, in fact, life after death. There is beauty in the pain. There is light in the dark. There is a purpose/reason to persevere.

2. It shows me how heartbroken anyone would be if I️ died. It shows me that people do love me and people would care if I️ was gone. Often times I️ get lost in my feelings of depression that I️ forget that the truth applies to me to. That I️ have a purpose to live. That I️ have something and someone to live for. Primarily, that someone I️ am to live for is God. That something I️ have that gives me the ability to preserve is His hope.

3. It shows me that no thing, not even death, can separate me from love. As the movie says/explains, love is in everything.Love is everything. This pain and suffering, this paralyzing anxiety and depression, can not compare to or triumph the love of my Father. My Father is love. He is in everything. Death was defeated when He rose from the grave. He has overcome this world and everything in it.

Here is a beautifully written passage that shows what collateral beauty is…

I️ leave you with that and hope we all are able to never forget the collateral beauty no matter what trial we face.

I️ highly encourage you to watch Collateral Beauty too. It’s a beautiful movie with an even more beautiful meaning.

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