When my best friend moved away…

When my best friend moved away, so did a part of me. A part of me that is filled with happiness, love, laughter, playfulness, and so much more. When this part of me moved away it did not disappear, rather it was just further away, harder to reach, harder to get in contact with.

I️ still remember the day when I️ found out it was official my best friend was moving away. I️ was on vacation somewhere in Florida getting ice-cream with my family. I️ don’t remember exactly what happened next, but my mom probably got a text or saw something on social media. The next thing you know I️ starting bawling. A rush of devastation rolled over me. I️ had just found out that my best friend was moving, that this was my reality, and I️ was crushed. I️ cried for a good bit.

Now it has been about two years I️ think since she moved away. It’s been hard. That piece of me, while still intact, is much harder to get in touch with. When she visits, she brings that part with her. The happiness, playfulness, love, and laughter return temporarily.

One of the hardest parts is when she leaves. An even harder part is the time in between her visits. I️ have some days when I️ feel glimpses of the playfulness and laughter when we text each other. But then I️ have other days… I’ve cried myself asleep from missing her.

Let me tell you, it is definitely hard, but believe it or not, it is worth it. It’s worth it when we have grown beyond close to each other through texting on the daily. It is worth it that we get to play around and make jokes. It is worth it when we get to help each other work through a hard part of the day. It is so worth it when we get to pray for each other about our struggles. It is worth it.

Best friend,

I️ love you. I️ cherish you. I️ am beyond thankful for you. I️ am blessed to call you mine. And I️ am even more blessed to be your friend. Thank you.

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