“uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.”

Insecurities are the drive of our nation. What people buy. How we act and dress. Who we hang out with.

It’s all driven by some insecurities generally.

Why do you buy makeup or certain clothing? Because society says you would be “better” or “perfect” if only you dressed like this or had these makeup products.

Why do you hang out with certain people, or wish you did? Because society says if you have a ton of friends, or are friends with certain people, then you have it all.

Our society tends to be driven by “if only I has this, looked like that, or had ‘x’ amount of friends then I️ would be “enough”. Somehow.

But, what I find to be true in my life, is that often times our insecurities are false.

For example, I️ posted this picture on instagram. I️ hated the way it looked. I️ quickly picked out all the little (or big) things that I hated about this picture.

To me, this is what I️ think when I️ look at this picture… “My neck looks fat and my collar bone isn’t showing enough. my face looks so oily. My acne is awful. my chin is ugly. My hair looks awful. I’m not good enough. etc etc.” I picked and picked. this picture apart.

Most of those insecurities I️ have about this picture, if not all of them, are driven by something our culture has engrained in my head.

“You can’t have acne; it’s ugly. You have to have the skinniest collar bone possible. You hair has to look ‘perfect’ all the time. Your face has to look flawless.”

All these lies, crushed and crunched into my head. Flowing into my ears, and coming out as insecurities. Our thoughts are constantly influenced by society’s unattainable, unreasonable standards.

Every weight loss commercial we hear. Every “low calorie” diet plan we see.

Every “perfect” model we see in stores, on makeup packages, and in magazines.

Every little thing is passively influencing how we view ourselves.

Not enough. Imperfect. Not worthy.

All of the beliefs we form about ourselves are causing these insecurities.

Thanks to big people like Demi Lavato and other stars expressing body positivity and putting an end to self hatred, society has gotten closer to becoming less harmful. But it’s so hard. Change is hard. But it is possible. It will be difficult, but together we can all make little changes in our lives that can hugely influence how we view ourselves. Small things like not calling yourself fat, working on not being afraid to go makeup-free for one day, being kind to one another. All these things can slowly transform society and it’s awful messages it sends to everyone.

So, it’s up to you. It’s up to us. Will you decide to make a change in your self talk, cultivate kindness, and embrace difference in yourself and others? We can do it. It can happen. We can change, even when it’s hard!

Let’s make




the drive of our culture.

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